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 LS1 Nitrous Oxcide
Nitrous Express 

Nitrous Express introduces the "NXL" nozzle with Integrated Rail Technology. This plug-and-play, direct-port nozzle system is available for GM LS1 & LS6 applications. There is no drilling required, no engine disassembly and no solenoids to mount. The entire nitrous system is self-contained in the high-flow fuel rail. Systems come complete with bottle, jetting, custom insulated distribution lines, and all installation hardware. This hi-tech direct port system comes with a wiring harness for a true plug-and-play system.

Nitrous Express 
NX Pro Direct Port N20 System

When space is tight but performance is still a requirement, the patented "Piranha" nozzle is the answer. At just half the size of its big brother, the "Shark", the "Piranha" still packs a powerful bite. Designed specifically for the GM LT1/LT4 intakes this kit fits perfectly in the F-Body or Corvette. Nitrous system comes complete with 10lb bottle, stainless bottle brackets, "Next Generation" rail, fuel pressure regulator, stainless hard lines, nozzles, jetting, and all necessary electrical components.

Horsepower: 100-150-200-250-300

Nitrous Express 
NX EFI Hitman LS1

Proven performance at a fraction of the cost. The "Hitman EFI" is our base model kit for all fuel injected cars. System is complete and ready to go. Comes standard with a 5lb bottle, Nitrous and Fuel solenoids, push button activation and NX's patented "Piranha" nozzle.


Horsepower: 50-75

Nitrous Express 
GM LS1 Mass Air Housing

You asked for it, NX invented it! The "Next Generation" nitrous company has scored again with the hottest nitrous system on the market. The NX Gemini Twin EFI system replaces the factory MAF sensor housings on LT-1 and LS-1 GM cars. This 6061-billet aluminum high flow MAF housing will increase airflow and the twin discharge nitrous system will make your F-body a giant killer! Single or dual stage 35 to 300 horsepower, times two, available.

Nitrous Express 
GM EFI Dual Stage

Want more horsepower without the hassle and expense of going direct port? Then our NX dual stage nitrous systems are the way to go. Having two stages means you double your power options at the push of a button. The dual "Shark" nozzles give adjustability from 50 to 300 horsepower in 25 hp increments. The NX Dual Stage is the answer to your traction woes.Systems come complete with bottle, stainless bottle brackets, limited lifetime replacement solenoids, extra long stainless braided N2O line, and all necessary hardware to complete the installation.

Horsepower: 35-50-75-100-150 X 2

Nitrous Express 
GM EFI System

Utilizing the patented "Shark" nozzle, these systems are fully adjustable, 35,50,75 horsepower for 4 cylinder and V-6 applications, and up to 150h.p. for V-8 and V-12 cars. These systems require no engine modifications, operate on stock fuel pumps, and require no timing retards. The ultimate solution to make your vehicle a "Rocket". Any horsepower settings above the recommended levels require "NX Power Booster" fuel additive to prevent detonation.

Horsepower: 35-50-75-100-150

Nitrous Express 
NX Accessory Kit

The ultimate nitrous system accessory. Gen-X/GenX-2 accessory packs include all the components you need to make your nitrous system dependable and worry free. Kit includes: fully automatic bottle heater with pressure transducer, fuel pressure safety switch, liquid filled N2O pressure guage, NHRA approved pressure release fitting, NHRA approved blowdown tube, all the electrical connectors and wire needed to complete the installation.

GenX-2 kit includes a purge valve for the NX Ice-Man solenoid.

Nitrous Express 
NX LS1 Electric Bottle Opener

The SEMA award winning, patent pending, Nitrous Express Automatic Remote Bottle Valve Opener was designed with the consumer in mind. With all components milled from solid 6061-T6 billet, this opener is designed to last a lifetime. The adjustable overrun clutch ensures trouble free operation even under the most demanding conditions. NX's design team worked overtime to make this ingenious accessory fit almost any brand nitrous bottle on the market!

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