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Total Power INC. is a authorized dealer for some of the biggest aftermarket performance product companies. Below is just some of the companies that we are dealers for. Even if we are not a dealer we can still get parts from just about any manufacturer out there. So if you are looking for something let us know. 


Our In House Chassis Dyno

One of the best tools that we have to offer is our in house chassis dyno. The Mustang Dynamometer MD 1750 chassis dyno is one of the best on the market. With a 50" diameter roll set, a maximum speed of 250 mph, and a horsepower measurement rating of 2,000 hp, the MD-1750 is by far the fastest and most powerful dynamometer available in its class.

The MD-1750's inertial based testing capability provides a practical and efficient means to gauge vehicle performance. Inertial based performance testing involves accelerating a cylindrical mass with a known inertia at wide-open throttle. In the case of the MD-1750, the immutable inertia encased in a 50" diameter roll, or drum, acts as the road-load mechanism. The rate at which the vehicle is able to accelerate the drum provides insight into the amount of energy transferred from the tires to the surface of the drum. Speed and torque combined produce instantaneous wheel horsepower data. These data are then plotted against time, speed, or distance to produce easy to use graphs. A database keeps track of testing records for future baseline test comparisons.

By having this tool in house it enables us to provide you the customer, the most accurate rear wheel horse power and torque measurements. It also gives us the upper hand when it comes to custom tunes. We are able to monitor the performance gains that are made with every parameter that is changed in the tune. No more of that mail your computer to some one, then get it back and hope its what you wanted.

If you are interested in scheduling dyno time please call us.

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Total Power is an official Procharger Dealer. Please call us for very competitive pricing on your vehicle.

Welcome to Total Power our website is under construction so please call us if there is something you can't find or is currently not on the site, thank you for your patience each day we are coming closer to completion. Not only are we a performance parts company but we do buggies in a different style, we offer general service and complete custom work to your Camaro, Corvette, Mustang, Viper. Total Power repairs and or customizes any make or model car, truck, buggy and motorhome. As we continue to grow our parts catalog and photo gallery will be available for online ordering and our vehicle portfolio for more information about us and the machines we build. As far as custom needs, Total Power is here to help accomplish any size goal. We are an authorized Nitrous Express, SLP, Procharger, Banks Performance dealer along with over 200 product lines and provide a complete in-house performance experience.


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