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 Intake Manifolds
F.A.S.T. Intake Manifold LS1

FAST assembled a team of some of the best manifold experts in the country, including Keith Wilson of NASCAR and NHRA fame, with the goal of making the finest new manifold ever built. We developed a unique three- piece design that allows you access to every inch of the manifold. The middle and upper shells can be changed to allow for additional engine modifications, like a FAST 90mm throttle body. Runners can be match ported. They even included witness grooves to indicate how much material you can remove. They also engineered in unparalleled performance. Now you do not have to sacrifice low end torque to gain horsepower!

T.P.I.S. LS1 Intake
Comeing Soon....
Nitrous Express 
NX LS1 Intake Manifold
Along with our throttle bodies and cams, NX now offer's an intake to create the complete package. This intake is designed to fit the LS1/LS6 powered vehicles.It is a two-piece aluminum intake which allows full access to all ports unlike other intakes. It has a true 85mm inlet to match our throttle body, but still may use all factory hardware. Another great feature of this intake is it has the NXL nozzles cast into the injector bung allowing trouble free nitrous install later down the road user permitting.
GM Performance 
GM Performance LS6 Intake Manifold
Weiand LS1 Intake Manifold
Up to 12 HP over stock. And Weiand left plenty of room to make more power, too. This lightweight aluminum intake has a surprisingly beefy design, which gives you plenty of room for porting. Plus, the manifold can handle the high intake pressures of nitrous or blower systems. Other notable features include an idle to 6,200 rpm powerband and a removable underside panel for access to the runners.
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