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 Intake Manifolds
FAST Intake Manifold
To make the LSX a true bolt on product, it is made to fit under a stock hood and uses all factory hardware, fuel lines and linkages. However, the runners were redesigned to increase velocity and volume of airflow by moving air more efficiently. The LSX's longer, tapered runners allow it to gain top end horsepower without sacrificing low-end torque. With 25% more plenum volume, each runner is allowed to draw from less turbulent air. As the air enters the runners at the bell mouth, the angles are redesigned for better runner inlet transition. The throttle body is specially angled for improved plenum flow. For all of these reasons, you can expect up to 20 more bolt on horsepower and 15 more foot-pounds of torque.
LS6 Intake Manifold 
LS6 Intake Manifold
Increase the horsepower on your LS1-equipped f-body with a better-flowing intake manifold! If you have a 1998-2000 LS1 with the LS1 intake manifold and are wanting to keep your EGR system, then the SLP LS6 intake manifold is a great choice! It is a production LS6 intake manifold that has been modified to accept your stock EGR tube and proven to add 5-7 horsepower on stock-internal vehicles and 12-18 horsepower on modified engines!
Holley Intake Manifolds 
Holley Intake Manifold
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