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 F-Body Headers
SLP LS1 Long Tube Headers
SLP was the first in the industry to release tuned length long tube headers for the LS1 powered Camaro and Firebird. The length of each header tube was calculated to maximize exhaust scavenging. The headers' tuned tube lengths use exhaust pulses to create a vacuum in the collector. This vacuum pulls exhaust gases out of the cylinder making more room for a fresh air/fuel charge. The more efficient exhaust scavenging lets the engine rev faster and produce more torque and horsepower. You will see increases of up to 41 horsepower and 58 lb. Ft. of torque! Equal length headers work well but, SLP tuned tube length headers are the ultimate! SLP's new headers are built with stainless steel 1 3/4" primary tubes that flow into a stainless steel, 3" collector. The headers have quality OE flanges and are completely compatible with the stock EGR, oxygen sensor and air pump systems. To connect the headers to your complete "back to the bumper" or other SLP exhaust system, SLP has designed a unique new stainless steel 3" y-pipe to work specifically with these headers. This pipe is included with the headers. To use the y-pipe you must have our optional high flow catalytic converters (Part #31037). NOT legal for use on pollution controlled motor vehicles.

Hooker Headers 
Hooker Headers LS1 F-Body
Sequential-fire design maximizes scavenging affect for maximum power. 1-3/4'' x 30'' primaries flow into 3'' collectors. Easy installation does not require raising engine or removal of starter. Off-road Y-pipe clears frame connectors and connects to stock cat-back system. Requires two O2 simulators for rear O2 sensors.


Jet Hot 
Jet Hot LS1 F-Body Headers
Kit includes headers with 1-3/4" primary tubes, 3" collector, standard bolts and gaskets. Fittings for AIR and EGR are available.
Dynatech LS1 F-Body Headers

These Stock/Super Stock long tube headers are designed for maximum torque. CNC-laser machined flanges feature optimum port location for maximum power. Designed to fit in stock location. High temperature silver ceramic coated inside and out. Available in straight or stepped primary tube designs. Bolt-on collectors sold seperatley.

Pace Setter Headers 
Pace Setter LS1 F-Body Headers
Starting with 3/8"-thick steel plate and 1-3/4"-diameter carbon steel alloy tubing, each header is precision-crafted to insure proper fit and seal. The mandrel-bent tubing insures maximum flow to the 3"-diameter collector and on into the mandrel-bent Y-pipe. These headers replace the stock cast iron exhaust manifolds and have provisions for all smog and engine management hook-ups. Each pair is available with the standard black paint and optional Armor Coat, our polished metallic-ceramic finish. Includes fasteners and gaskets.
Edelbrock LS1 Drag Headers
These drag race headers have innovative features to maximize power potential in competition. They are engineered with the correct firing order pulse sequence in the collector. The laser-cut flanges are contoured for a perfect fit. Featuring a true slip-on design allows for tuning the primary tube lengths to individual engine requirements. Collector retainer brackets and scavage tubes can be welded on after header tuning has been completed. The Y-pipe is designed to match the race headers with a 3-1/2'' collector for the 1998-02 LS1 Camaro/Firebird. It is mandrel-bent with 3'' diameter 16-gauge aluminized steel tubing for maximum flow and power. It is a direct replacement part for the stock y-pipe and catalytic converters and is designed to fit under the chassis without the need for flow-reducing dents. In addition to maximum flow, it has better ground clearance than other y-pipes. For competition use only.

Edelbrock Tubular Exaust System Headers
Boost performance and driveability in your vehicle with the only patented exhaust system available! You may shave up to a full second off of your 0 to 60 time and mileage may also improve because the dual-diameter primaries improve your engine's ability to breathe. TES® headers accept all stock emissions epuipment, leaving them fully operational. All air injection and oxygen sensor fittings are provided. Durable as well as powerful, most TES® headers are made from 16-gauge steel tubing and have heavy-duty flanges. These outstanding features make Edelbrock Tubular Exhaust System headers the best in quality and performance. Available in Black Painted or ceramic and Ti-Tech Coating.
Kooks Headers 
Kooks Custom Headers
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