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Lunati Crankshafts
The Lunati LS Series are designed for the new GM engines. The cranks are made of 4340 Aircraft quality non-twist forgings. This processing uses a double stress-relief process and Plasma Nitrite case hardening, which gives a very hard surface for long bearing and bending fatigue life. The LS series is gun drilled down the center, rod journals are lightened, pin arms are inertia lightened, the trailing edge of counter weight squared, and the contoured wing used to direct the oil away from the rods. All of this gives you superior acceleration, oil control, and durability. All cranks come either rough or finished balanced.

Callies Racemaster:

  • 4340 Forging
  • Perma-Tough Heat Treated
  • Forging Lines Removed
  • Typical weight 52lbs

Every Callies Crankshaft is 100% check for critical measurements and accuracy.

Callies Magnum

Callies Magnum:

  • 4340 Forging
  • Perma-Tough Heat Treated
  • Counter Weights Shaped and Profiled
  • Typical weight 47lbs


Callies Magnum XL

Callies Pro Magnum XL LS1:

  • Dual Keyways for Blower Application
  • Main Sizes for Standard LS1
  • Rod Journals From 2.100", 2.000", 1.888"
  • Stroke Range from 2.600" to 4.250"
  • Weight Range From 33 to 46 lbs.
  • 4340 Forging
  • Perma-Tough Heat Treated
  • Fully balanced internally
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