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 LS1 Torque Converters
Vigilante Torque Converters 

The introduction of lock-up torque converters from the OEM manufacturers in 1979 created a challenge for the high performance torque converter industry to develop, design and manufacture this type of torque converters. Benefits of the lock-up torque are less heat in the transmission and better fuel efficiency. Precision Industries designed the first 9.5 & 10.5-inch lock-up torque converter in 1992. Precision Industries starts the production of these torque converters with a 98 pound piece of billet steel that we machine in our CNC equipment ending up with a one piece front cover weighing 12 pounds depending on what converter series we are building. The billet front cover is one of many reasons that enable Precision Industries to produce a superior product over many of our competitors that try to imitate and copy our product designs We prefer machining our billet front covers over purchasing forged steel covers due to balancing, excessive weight and density problems that can arise from forgings. Benefits of our cover include increased clutch surface area by as much as 5 times over OEM specifications. The increase in clutch surface area along with the unique clutch lining we use ensures that no matter what the application you can retain the lock-up feature for efficiency without durability issues.


TCI Torque Converters 

TCI® strives to produce the best torque converters in the industry. Part of the process involves ensuring that each unit is built to spec. Triple TestedRegardless of what category or price level it may fall into, every TCI® torque converter is Triple Tested during assembly.

Once all the prep work on the component parts has been completed, the impeller is welded to the front cover. Immediately following this process, a pair of dial indicators are employed on a rotating table to verify that the impeller body and pump drive hub remain true.

Each unit is then pressurized and subjected to a leak test to confirm the integrity of all the weld seams. Lastly, each unit is computer balanced to reduce annoying and potentially damaging drivetrain vibrations that would occur from an unbalanced torque converter. That's Triple Tested so you can be confident you're getting a torque converter that's ready to roll.

SLP LS1 Torque Converters 
This 300mm (11.81") lock-up torque converter will raise your vehicle's stall speed to approximately 2600 rpm*, making for a much stronger launch and reducing ETs by up to three tenths! Custom-built to SLP design specifications, this fully balanced unit incorporates carbon-ceramic clutch materials and an oversized roller clutch for the ultimate in strength and durability. Best of all, it retains the factory lock-up function, making it ideal for street-driven applications. Recommended for vehicles with mild to extensive modifications and gear ratios of up to 3.23.

NOTES: SLP recommends that you install an auxiliary transmission cooler with any high-stall torque converter. This item is shipped directly from the manufacturer and must therefore be prepaid with a credit card, money order, or check. Shipped oversize. Please allow 30 days for delivery
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